Welcome to Stavanger Basket


The club would like to wish new and existing members welcome to Stavanger Basketball Club. 

Stavanger Basketball Club was established 3 September 1979. The club is registered in Rogaland Idrettskrets (RIK) and is part of Norges Idretts Forbund (NIF). 

Basketball season follows the school year, where we normally start training in late August and ends up training sessions in June. The show usually lasts from September to April. Training times and place are dependent on halltid allocated by the municipality of Stavanger. In recent years, most training took place at the International School of Stavanger (ISS) at Madla. 

Stavanger Basket is run by volunteers, where the board is elected at the annual meeting, where registered members who have been a member for at least 1 month and over 15 can vote. 

In addition to the Board, it is important to have coaches, team parent and others who can ask to make an effort for members of the club so that they get a good deal. 

The economy of the club depends on membership fees support from the community and sponsorship revenues. 

Stavanger Basketball has teams in most age from about 7 years to adult for both women and men. Most teams train 1-2 times a week and have games on weekends. 

Important information from club members, you will primarily find on our website. Follow the www.stavanger.basket.no! 

In addition, you will find much useful information on www.basket.no-west 

Stavanger Basket wish to be represented at all levels of the series in Norway, but focused by the economy and number of members in order to support teams in the higher divisions. Stavanger Stavanger Basket has a slogan that covers what we are working towards, which we call Love Basket (Breaking barriers, Playful, Responsible, Bold and Inclusive. 

Good luck with a new season in Stavanger Basketball Club. Love basketball! 

Sporty Regards, 
Leader, Stavanger Basketballklubb